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For all you spring cleaners out there who are looking to organize your jewelry box, here is an cute and easy solution to the ‘tangled necklace mess’ that I generally have to unravel everyday.

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Today’s DIY is for all you girls out there – like me – who can’t seem to keep your jewelry organized 🙂 I’ve always loved how our stores display accessories, particularly the wooden jewelry boards.  Our Farmington FP girls put together this awesome and thorough tutorial on how to make one! It’s a bit long, so click “read more” to view all of the steps.

What you need:

(all supplies can be found at Home Depot)

1. 2 x 4 – Get this cut into pieces. About 3 pieces 12″ long (home depot will cut it for you).

2. Box of Cut Nails – We wanted to use something more decorative that standard construction nails. Cut nails or antique nails are perfect. You can also search them online and find some really cool shapes and finishes.

3. A box of Screws OR fasteners long enough to screw through the 2 x 4 and Jewelry Board.

4. Wood Stain – The color is really up to you! We used Minwax Jacobean!

5. Rags – To apply stain.

6. Tools – To assemble, preferably a drill.

7. White Paint and a decorative rubber Stamp.

8. Large piece of wood. We bought a large piece of wood from Home Depot and had it cut down to 36″ but you can really get whatever size works best for your space!

step2 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step One: Prepare to stain your wood. We set up on the back deck just in case we spilled! Grab an old rag (we used an old towel) to apply the stain.

step3 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Two: Stir your stain. Dip rag into the stain and start to apply to your jewelry board. Apply going with the wood grain. In this case, up and down, not side to side.

step4 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Three: Cover the whole jewelry board with stain, including the sides. We chose not to do the back, because you won’t see it once hanging on the wall.

step5 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board


step6 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Four: Take your nails and place them on your jewelry board where you would like them. The nails at the top we wanted to use for longer necklaces and the nails at the bottom are going to be for bracelets!

step7 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Five: Once you’ve laid all your nails out and have a good idea of where your going to nail them in, measure with a measuring tape to make sure they are the same distance apart.

*The bracelet nails are 3″ apart*

step8 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Six: With a pencil, make small marks as to where the nails will go on the board.

step9 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Seven: Turn your board over and grab one of the cut 2 x 4 pieces you have set aside.

step10 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Eight: This is how we will be mounting the board to the wall. On your cut 2 x 4 make 2 marks equal distance from the edge on either side as to where you will be drilling holes.

step11 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Nine: Take your drill and make 2 holes where you measured in step 8.

On another piece of wood we will be drilling in nails to fit into the holes you are creating in this step.

step12 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Ten: Take your other 2 x 4 piece and measure where your drill holes are, so they match up and the nails will be able to fit into the drill holes.

step13 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Eleven: Drill your nails into place, where you made marks. Once you’re finished you should be able to fit the two pieces of wood together. The nails should fit into the drill holes.

step14 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Twelve: Using your Screws or Fasteners, drill the piece of 2 x 4 with the nails onto the board.

step15 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Thirteen: In this step we used a stud finder to find where we could drill into the wall. Drill with screws or fasteners the piece of 2 x 4 with the drill holes onto the wall!

step16 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Fourteen: Following the marks you made in Step 6, nail your nails into place!

step17 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Fifteen: Using white paint and a rubber stamp, we applied a decorative touch to the sides of the board.

step18 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Step Sixteen: Your board should fit onto the wall. Line up the nails with the drill holes and it should lower into place.

Almost DONE!

step20 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Grab your jewels and start hanging on your brand new JEWELRY BOARD!!!

step191 Wednes DIY: Jewelry Board

Source: Wednes-DIY: Jewelry Board – Free People Blog | Free People Blog http://blog.freepeople.com/2011/10/wednes-diy-jewelry-board/#ixzz1wB4WOlw4