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Like many homeowners in Nashville, we bought our home with the aspirations of turning one of the spare rooms into a home recording studio.  One of the fun parts, or rather pricey parts, is sound proofing.  So, here is a cheap way to decorate the walls with fun patterns that have a sound proofing effect.

Start with soundproof foam glued to pegboard, cut to size.  My hubby already had the foam panels and pegboard created and wrapped in a different fabric.  We purchased cute print fabric from Ikea on our Christmas trip to Chicagoikea fabric
We purchased about 5 yards of fabric for 3 panels, but you should measure according to the size of your panels.  You will need a good staple gun (we tried once before with adhesive spray and I think my fingers stuck together for weeks after that).  We used medium staples–but we already had two layers of fabric to cover, so we needed some length to the staples.  

Staple close enough to the edge that you can trim the fabric.  If you are going to hang these from the wall, you will need to have access to the peg holes.  We had to cut excess fabric.
home studio sound panels