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I think homemade wrapping paper is more personal and cheaper thoughtful.  Here is how I wrap presents with random stuff I have laying around the house. Th end result: I found a book of aged scrapbooking paper at Goodwill for $.25, so I used the sheets to wrap the box, but you can also use newspaper, pages from old books, or magazines. I also used the most recent Restoration Hardware catalog to cut out the letters.   Rope Yarn and tape helped give it a vintage feel.

Find a page that has clean images and use that to cut out the block letters for the name.  I traced the letters with a pen or sharpie and then cut them out and placed them before pasting them to the box.

Instead of spending money on a store bought greeting card, select a memorable quote that matches the person’s character and write a personal message instead.

And there you have it, a free and fabulous way to wrap your gifts at home.