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So, we celebrated our first Halloween in the new place and we saw so many cute costumes last night.  There were also about 5,000 kids trick-or-treating up and down Eastland Avenue in East Nashville, and we had the chance to admire so many of the cute kiddos.  I think the children were out in full force this year…I heard from several friends who had to make multiple runs to get more candy.

I figured I would share some cute costumes I’ve come across this season!

I don’t know which is cuter, the outfit or the little girl!

Cute giraffe and elephant…but those cheeks are to die for!

Make your family into a sushi roll with this Nigiri baby sushi roll, and if you have enough kids you can make the complete roll.

And this Ocean Spray Cranberry Farmers costume gets the most creative award!

Who won the cutest costume award in your neighborhood?