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My eyes were recently opened to the world of ‘real’ coffee after purchasing a french press.  It has become my favorite part of the morning, even though it takes a few extra steps.  The smell, the taste, the texture…it’s all uh-may-zinng! (I’m still jealous of all you Keurig owners out there, though!)

My first trip to Publix after purchasing it was a little embarrassing, until a kind little old man showed me the coarse ground coffee setting on the grinder (don’t judge me).  Thanks, little old man!

So my favorite coffee right now is Greenwise organic French dark roast.  I was never a dark roast gal, but lately the older less sleep I get, the more I need that strong, perk in the morning.  Plus, I read in an article the other day, that only 10 percent of the coffee in the US is considered excellent in quality–the other 90 percent falls in between average and poor.

I found this cute french press cozy, that I love!!  Now, I just have to learn how to crochet!