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As promised, I finally found the time to finish my soap dispensers yesterday (read my how-to post here).  So, initially I had thought I would do a cute hang tag idea, but I realized the ones I had in mind just didn’t fit.

(See the original pinterest post that inspired this project below)

So when I went to look for my rope yarn, I found these cute monogram notecards that Andy‘s grandma had given me a few years back.  They had the yellowed, vintage look and the ‘k’ matched the bronzed bottles perfectly.

I cut around the letter, and pasted the letter on the bottle.  I was worried the hot glue gun would bleed through the paper, so I used double sided tape.

I think the final product came out fabulously, and the whole project cost less than $7.

Here is the original pin that inspired this cute project.  I searched hi and low online to find the blog post, but all I was able to find was the photo.  So, if you’re out there and this is your idea…THANK YOU!